Augenzentrum Höfe & Augenzentrum Wiedikon

We take care of your well-being - from the reception and waiting areas to treatment in a quiet and trusting atmosphere. away from the necessary medical technology, we take the time to develop a caring doctor-patient realationship and confidential doctor-patient discussions.

A relaxed atmosphere also prevails in our operating theatres in Horgen and Zurich, these being places where concentration and precision are at their highest. Beyond and above the ideal technical equipment, perfect hygiene and experienced, and well-coordinated surgical teams, this is a further prerequisite for our successful medical activities.

Augenzentrum Höfe is easy to reach by public transport and car. There is adequate free parking available.


At a time when medicine is becoming ever more complex and technical, at Augenzentrum Höfe we offer scientifically based ophthalmology at the highest level in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere, where we focus on the patient as a person so that he or she and receives our full attention.We understand ophthalmology as being the part of holistic patient care that goes beyond the organ of the eye, striving for the best possible result and working with other specialist disciplines.

This applies to early detection, follow-up checks and treatment optimisation in the case of diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease as well as certain

metabolic, neurological and skin diseases. 

A specially trained team is available to detect visual impairment and vision defects in children at the earliest possible time.

We work with modern diagnostic devices equipped with Swiss precision technology. The range of modern ophthalmology, as represented by our different specialists, consists of:

  • Non-contact diagnosis
  • Laser therapy
  • Laser surgery
  • Minimally invasive, outpatient eye surgery
  • Refractive surgery including multifocal intraocular lenses
  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Conservative and possibly also homeopathic, interdisciplinary treatment

"Best Medical Practice" is for us a given. So you will be examined, advised and treated by highly qualified and experienced doctors in line with the highest medical quality standards. The underlying basis is the excellent international training of our ophthalmologists and eye surgeons. You
  • have many years of university managerial experience,
  • are active in research and university teaching,
  • are the examiners of the European Board of Ophthalmology (EBO), the European Excellence Initiative in Ophthalmology for advanced medical specialist qualification,
  • are experts for insurance companies, courts, patients, international trade journals

and are familiar with the latest, most successful investigation, treatment and surgical techniques in ophthalmology.

Our perfectly experienced team of ophthalmologists, eye surgeons, orthoptists, opticians and medical assistants offers the right conditions

to gain your trust through competence, performance and care.

Your Augenzentrum Höfe Team


PD Dr. med. habil.
Karl-Georg Schmidt, FMH, FEBO


Med. pract. Rainer Gruber


Dr. med. Svetlana Malinia, FMH


Dr. med. univ. Judit Apli


Anita Baehler Spieser
Qualified orthoptist (Universit Hospital of  Zurich)


Nicole Hochstrasser, Orthoptistin



Reception, administration and optics

Daniela Schättin, Administration Manager

Anita Bähler, Orthoptistist

Sandra Andenmatten, Medical Secretary

Sonja Bachofen, Medical Secretary

Nicole Fischer, MPA (Medical Practice Assistant)

Dagmar Hasler, Medical Secretary

Mara Birti, MPA

Daniela Stricker, MPA


Daniela Schättin, Administration Manager

Nicole Hochstrasser, Orthoptist

Nicole Pfister, MPA

Lisa Paradisi, Medical Secretary

Rita Schinagl, MPA

Optics team:

Markus Drum, Head of Optics

Romana Berka, Optician

Sylvia Fässler, Optician